The Adrian Rogers Legacy Bible

Video review:

The Adrian Rogers Legacy Bible is a well-loved Bible, and the reprinting of this Bible is highly anticipated. I am really excited to share this Bible, and to help you decide if this is a Bible that you will love!

The Adrian Rogers Legacy Bible comes in a black bonded leather cover. It has “Holy Bible”, “The Adrian Rogers Legacy Bible”, “NKJV”, and the heart symbol for Love Worth Finding Ministries on the spine. It also has five slightly raised hubs. It has a sewn binding, silver page gilding, and one black ribbon marker. It has a synthetic paste down liner. When you open the Bible, there is a presentation page, table of contents, and a letter from Mrs. Joyce Rogers (Adrian Rogers’ wife). After that, there are several pages that give more information about Adrian Rogers, which I really appreciated, because I have listened to his sermons online, but this gave me more information about his life. The articles included are “The Ministry of Pastor Adrian Rogers and Love Worth Finding”, “The Anointed Life of Pastor Adrian Rogers”, “The Salvation Experience of Pastor Adrian Rogers, and “Insights from Pastor Adrian Rogers on Understanding the Word of God”. I found it worthwhile to read these articles because I began to dig into the Bible.

Next, there is a page that lists the features of this Bible. The Bible has articles throughout that are split into 11 different themes: Jesus, Truth, Word of God, Kingdom Authority, Scarlet Thread of Redemption, Christian Growth, Family, Prayer, Spirit-Filled Living, Biblical Profiles, and Prophecy. These article vary in length from a full page to about a third of a page. They each list the theme and have the picture to go along with that theme. The articles also list the scripture that goes along with it as well. Along with these articles, there are also Treasures from the Word. These are shorter points to ponder, and they are placed throughout the Bible near the verse that corresponds to it. The other feature includes are “Adrianisms”. These are quotes from Pastor Rogers, and will have a letter A beside them. There is also a scripture verse listed behind the quote, to let you know to what verse the quote can be applied to. There is an index of all of the articles, Treasures, and Adrianisms at the front of the Bible.

Each book has an introduction that is about a page long, along with a brief outline of the book. The scripture is in a double column format, and it is verse by verse. It has center column references. In my opinion, it is easy to read with little show through. The font appears to be about a 9-9.5 point font. It is red letter text. (Please note: My copy does not have the words of Jesus in red, which was a mis-print. When you receive your Bible this fall, it will be red letter.) At the end of the Bible, there is a concordance, and seven full color maps.

The Adrian Rogers Legacy Bible is a beautiful Bible that has been a really nice addition to my Bible study and devotional time. Love Worth Finding describes this Bible as “an encouragement Bible designed to help you fall in love all over again with God’s word”. You cannot pre-order this Bible, but you can sign up to receive an e-mail reminder once they are in stock at this link: I highly recommend checking it out!

I received a copy of this Bible from Love Worth Finding, in return for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

15 thoughts on “The Adrian Rogers Legacy Bible

  1. My life is more enriched in finding Pastor Rogers and his outreach ministries worldwide. My prayer is to grow and help my brothers and sisters grow in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I am convinced and strongly believe the love and teaching I am receiving and being spiritually fed now through Pastor Rogers helps me in sharing with others God’s love and Jesus Christ.

    I look forward to purchasing when available: The Adrian Rogers Legacy Bible.

    Your Brother in Christ

    Gary Barbare

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  2. I am so excited daily when I hear Adrian Rodgers speak the Word through “Love Worth Finding”! When the Bible is available this will be a gift to me in Gods Word!
    Thank you for the time you prepare and share what Adrian lived for!
    God bless you!

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  3. I wish to order (4) Adrian Rogers Gift Bibles when they are available. How do I order and what is the offering price ?


  4. Pastor Rogers is my all-time favorite pastor! I am so very excited that this Bible is going to be available soon!I will definitely be purchasing one!

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